CaptainTineil's Intro thingy yayyyyyy!!

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CaptainTineil's Intro thingy yayyyyyy!!

Post by CaptainTineil on Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:43 am

Hehro. I am CaptainTineil. Real name is Christian. I live in Iowa, the middle of nowhere. So yeah Razz

My hobbies include food and... food. I am a double major in microbiology and pharmacy. When Im not studying or on my computer, I enjoy hanging with friends. But other than that, I dont do much.

I gots me a woman. Just started dating only very recently Smile She is like me in the sense of food being a big hobby, so we go together quite nicely.

Ummm.... oh yeah! Im 20, 5 foot 11, 160 pounds, male. living with my parents at the moment. Although I got a lease to an apartment near my university. Shall be moving in over there in August with some friends of mine Smile

Im a very goofy person, and I love to spam and troll. Some people like it, most hate it. Oh well Very Happy

A closed mouth gathers no feet

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